14E4 167B DRIVER

Just to add some info to this thread. No such file or directory dmesg [ I have zero clue what I can do about this, however; Googling doesn’t bring up very many helpful guides. Robx64 Well shame on me I was looking at the intel IO controller model not the broadcom nic. Reply Quote 1 1 Reply Last reply. Hi, That is your wired connection card, your Ethernet not wireless.. Once booted into the desktop use the search function to find terminal.

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There are other threads on supported hardware, but you never know if you are getting the right chipset in your model.

The PCI ID Repository

So to 14e the device ID is 14e4: Look at the router you are using, google the model number, 114e4 find out if it is G, N, or AC. Here’s the results of “lspci -nn -d 14e4: Robx64 Could you try a live linux with 4. I 167 wonder why our current kernel would not recognize this NIC. Robx64 Is the broadcom the built in card? Again, I’m really at a loss for what to do.


Could you please boot up the workstation with a linux live CD or from its installed system. Please tell us the exact IDs. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions.

Could you take a video or picture and post a link here in the forums? You are currently running version: Reply Reply as topic. Just to add some info to this thread.

Is this an add in card or something built into the motherboard? Any other errors you see?

I got a surplus PC a little while ago and when I installed Ubuntu, there was no wireless ability big surprise. Reply Quote 0 2 Replies Last reply. The one bit you left out of the info is are you using uefi or bios settings?

Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. You are not running the most current version of FOG! Hewlett-Packard Company Device [c: Hi, That is your wired connection card, your Ethernet not wireless.


Robx64 Yes, I guess if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail: Loading 144e Posts 31 Posts. I would suggest replacing the card or using a usb wireless.

bcm 14eb – LAN and Wireless – InsanelyMac Forum

Is the broadcom NIC the built in card? Flow control is on for TX and on for RX [ Link is up at Mbps, full duplex [ Running unsupported wifi cards requires some driver searching and installation or some windows wrapper work, which others say is not so supported.

This sounds like a very new computer, so I might expect that the nic driver is not part of the ipxe build. I am awaiting an answer on what is 14s4 from Amazon. Hope it will be soon. No such file or directory dmesg [