They can no longer rely on their SoftMenu setup to sell motherboards since virtually all manufacturers now have a jumperless CPU setup utility, AWARD’s latest BIOS release even provides for such a utility, it is up to the motherboard manufacturers to take advantage of it. With all the cables properly attached, I crossed my fingers and booted the system. Damn, had to pass the delight of Mhz-by-Mhz overclocking. Introduction VIA has been quietly but definitely improving on their chipsets to become a viable competitor to Intel. I messed with these settings and found that I had no problems running my PC memory at the Turbo setting big surprise ;.

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These results are in line with the percentage increase in bus speed. The numbers are all higher than when the GeForce card did the texture and lighting calculations.

Ars Technica: ABIT VA6 Motherboard – Page 1 – (1/)

All that crap does not really make any difference anyhow Ultimate Limits of Computers. Features Galore Interestingly, there were many other new options that I had not been aware of on my older Abit. The fact that the E stepping B0 would run stably at MHz on the front side bus with the rather small heat sink and fan provided by Intel means that higher speeds may be possible when newer motherboards offer bus speed settings above MHz.


So we have 14 FSB settings and 13 multipliers to play with. Do be advised all these parts were of the PC flavor and not cheapies We highly recommend it if you want to get a Coppermine setup now. Now, many of you are familiar with ABIT motherboards and their naming conventions. Agit are absolutely NO compelling reasons to get this if you already use a BX board which is plenty good! Windows booted and reconfigured itself for the new platform.

It can overclock much further on the front side bus than the Athlon, mainly because the Athlon is using double vs6 rate technology, wherein it transfers data twice on each current pulse. Nothing out of the ordinary. This means you will not need an add-on card or built-on ATA66 to get that extra performance out va your drive.

The scores shown below are an average of 3 test runs each. No AGP4X you say?! We would really like to see motherboard manufacturers like Abit produce Flip-Chip Coppermine motherboards that will take a Flip-Chip without an adapter.

ABIT VA6 Apollo Pro 133 Slot-1 ATX

This gives a system speed rating of 5. So what’s up with that?

Just to be safe, I also boosted the core CPU voltage another 0. Even with all these peripherals, the system was rock-solid at MHz on the bus MHz total. Forced into an unfamiliar position, ABIT hoped to profit off of their well-known name among those in the overclocker community with their first ever motherboard based on a VIA chipset, the VA6. If you you are interested in having a similar board, but with AGP 4x support, Abit just announced a new motherboard based on the Apollo Pro A chipset.


Leaving the Vcore at 1. Damn, had to pass the ba6 of Mhz-by-Mhz overclocking. I was ready for MHz. Site design and front-end production by mike kane.

Introduction VIA has been quietly but definitely improving on their chipsets to become a viable competitor to Intel. What you want to abti is if this retail product is going into your system?

Been a abif since we have done a mainboard review eh? Sadly, this board doesn’t use the forthcoming Apollo Pro A chipset, which is a juiced-up and pimped out version of what we have here, but perhaps we’ll see it represented in a future ABIT motherboard?

Good Rating, Intel E slot We do Overclocking round here and that is exactly what I wanted to see this board do. Let’s get funky with the standard features table.