Latency times with WLAN. A short “operation” on the key revealed what lay underneath. The hard disk and the RAM can be accessed easily after removing screws. With appropriate handling of the hardware upgrade interfaces or slots, your warranty claim remains valid. Bluetooth switch, WLAN switch. Click here for a sample video. These are the minimum technical specifications by Acer.

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Offline HD videos ran much better on the Aspire One. Simple procedure, great effect: This netbook has acrr relatively fast ULV processor, and although the processor lacks a Hyperthreading function, aspier at a lower clock frequency, and only has a single core, the performance delivered by it can leave the rest of its Atom competition behind in the dust. Loudspeaker There are two speakers installed in the front of the netbook along with the audio in and outlets and the HDMI port on the right side.

As usual, the pre-installed Internet Explorer is packed with bloatware and thus makes the whole system run very slowly when it is being used.

In high details, the laptop was unable to run the games fluidly. Our Warranty Commitment for this Upgrade: We certified the offered 8GB memory upgrades for Aspire One. The relatively a0572 black value results in a contrast of We have written on and on about these small machines with compact cases, respectively aecr displays, long battery life, and low prices.


If your Acer notebook can be upgraded with more than 4GByou need a Bit operating system in order to take advantage of the actual capacity.

Download the latest version of Acer Aspire One AO Wireless Network driver free in English on CCM

As a matter of course, we also assist you with help and advice. Just like the original accessories, our Notebook RAM can additionally be integrated next to existing memory or used as spare parts for your system. For example, the screen has a hard time dealing with rapid vertical adjustments. Bohemian Rhapsody on Youtube p properly.

Thursday, 3rd January asppire This problem is not evident in the other big keys such as “Space”, “Shift”, etc. The glossy display is not always very bright, but still it does offer a high “HD” resolution of x pixels. There are two speakers installed in the front of the netbook along with the audio in and outlets and the HDMI port on as;ire right side.

The software delivered pre-installed on the netbook are the Acer Tools and the Acer GameZone, which has lots of mini-games but no full versions. The pressure point of the keys is confusing and the whole keyboard can be pressed inwards by a half centimeter.

zcer Bluetooth switch, WLAN switch. The keyboard of the Acer Aspire One seems good at first glance but closer inspection would be recommended. E-mail as Username Password Acet Password? That means, that we typically provide memory modules that allow an even higher timing than neccessary for your Aspire One Netbook AO The use of the Acer Aspire One outdoors in direct sunlight is not recommended as the reflections of the display and the rather low brightness levels hinder a clear legibility of the characters shown on screen.


Review Acer Aspire One 752 Notebook

Delivery Friday, 4th January Express-delivery: For me, netbooks still do not offer enough value for the money. Elephant’s Dream VC1 p minimum disturbance. You can access the RAM slots in most of the systems through a removable cover at the bottom side. So basically, the netbook offers very typical ports for a netbook except for the unique HDMI interface.

The State of the Netbook.

Acer Aspire One AO752 Netbook Windows 7 Drivers, Utility, Manual

In contrast to that article, accer time I am writing about “basic computing” instead of the high-end performance delivered by a Macbook.

Both the thin front and the back of the Acer Aspire One remain free of ports. The VGA webcam 0. I wrote my last article for Notebookcheck a while ago and it was about Macbooks, equipped with Core 2 Duos and SSDs which helps increase the performance of the programs.