On the driver tab it reports v 1. When you perform a secure erase on a disk drive, all data on that disk drive is completely and irretrievably eradicated. When disabled, the array must be rebuilt manually. A dialog box appears with the options Build, Clear and Quick Init. When enabled , the controller automatically rebuilds an array when a failed disk drive is replaced. When enabled , removable media devices, such as CD drives, are supported.

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When enabledremovable media devices, such as CD drives, are supported. The secure erase stops and the ACU returns to its main window.

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DL G3 Embedded SATA RAID Software – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

From the Manage Arrays menu, do any of the following:. You are returned to the Array Configuration Main screen. The section contains the following subsections:. SQL Server It detects the controller but reports “commands are not responding.


If you chose Build, you are prompted to select the source drive. Note –When the alarm is turned off disabledit automatically turns back on after a reboot.

A list of the available hard drives is displayed. When the array has finished clearing, the following message appears: Displaying the disk drives adds a few seconds to the overall POST time.

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When you have finished locating your disk drive, press any key to stop the blinking. Note –CDs are not supported by current software.

The array number changes to Array 00, which makes the array the boot array. Do you still want to continue?

Comments There are currently no comments, be the first to post one! Try this one, I was not able to find szta for windows server x64, but this one might work. To Start the ACU.

When enabledthe system can be booted from a bootable CD. Note – Default settings are shown in bold type. When enabledthis allows the controller to act as a bootable device. Build – Copies data from a source drive to a target drive. Commands are not responding: Adaptec Storage Manager v5.


Microsoft SQL Server If desired, enter an array name next to the Eata Label field.

Using the Adaptec RAID Configuration Utility

THis installs a driver called aar81xx. It seems to me that there’s a common theme with each of the different manager’s i’ve tried – they can’t communicate with the controller.

Note – You cannot make an array bootable while it is building, verifying, or rebuilding. Both options take less time than the secure erase option, but might not offer enough security for highly sensitive information. Default setting is Yes enabled.

The size of the disk drive. Windows Server 1.