User profile for user: David have a look at http: At the moment the basic configuration can be done via command line options. I would agree if we were talking about something you could configure via System Preferences. As I wrote in my first reply, I’m an ex windows user and don’t understand how scrips work on my mac. Posted on Oct 4, 9:

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As I wrote in my first reply, I’m an ex windows user and don’t understand how scrips work on my mac. I started to code this driver and it’s not feature complete right t-6000u.

As I understand, you are looking for an easy configuration utility. Jan 22, Rachel H Rachel H. Maybe you have other things that will handy to use. It comes without a configuration UI hyprpen it works at least for me.

Aiptek graphic tablets. Do they work in OSX?

I think this more helpful than your original answer ” Check their website: Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. Please send me your ideas and I will see how to include it. I downloaded the code and started the script.


Jan 21, 3: If you would have read my first reply, you would have recognized that I have developed an alternate driver. I am programming this at the moment.

Thanks for sharing this!

When double clicking in the finder it opens a yyperpen window and tells you the current screen size. Nov 1, Thanks in advance for helping me to get my tablet working and config. Posted on Oct 4, 9: Before you start tinkering with a system that you are new to and admit you do not yet fully understand, may I recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the settings available to you under System Preferences? I know that this isn’t convenient, but it gets you working.

The function keys aren’t configurable right now but instead hard coded in the driver. Jan 21, 8: David have a look at http: First I telll you that i’m an ex windows early mac user, so I don’t understand several thing in Mac.


Aiptek International GmbH – SlimTablet u Premium II

It’s good to hear you are happy with my driver. The things I would like to config are the function keys, the buttons from the stylus and the speed to scroll or make the workspace smaller to avoid RSI problems. But 1 question keeps me in mind: It’s my code I started to develop when I got frustrated looking for the right driver to get my tablet to work.

Jan 21, 9: Switch to any other program that supports a graphics tablet and it should work for you. I think this utility gives all I need to program the functions om the tablet, but it doens’t work properly.

Aiptek International GmbH – Downloads

Thanks in advance, RikkieD. Ask a question Reset. User profile for user: