In other projects Wikimedia Commons. ALPS lacks a lot of options and has choppy 2 finger scrolling. Wed May 30 I did this a few days back and it works fine. This is pretty annoying and kills productivity somehow. Mine is plastic and the only way it worked was with the ALPS driver.

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Well, after this advice here I gave it a shot, turned off the automatic upgrade before upgrading, turned off the automatic update after upgrading — and still after 2 or 3 reboots for some other random updates the touchpad stopped working. Worked just fine, now I can scroll with the trackpoint on win10 interface as well! Without any scaling, this means that the pointer jumps by 8 pixels for even the slightest horizontal and vertical movements, making the pointer impossible to control.

The download is n19gx10w from Lenovo. It did not work. Hopefully this will stay a while!

Fitting physical TrackPoint buttons to a Lenovo ThinkPad T440s

On my Ts I run a dual boot between Windows 8 and Arch Linux, both of these needed to be configured to work with the new touchpad. Any attempt to uninstall previous drivers beforehand does not seem to bring any benefits. User specific requirements for input devices and software design” PDF.


Hi Cameron, I would appreciate if you can check this. Can you please verify this? Has anyone found out a way to adjust the sensitivity of the scrolling feature where holding down the middle button. Then I tried installing the recommended driver n10gx25wand restarted. I believe it is not recognised as Windows Precision Touchpad, because the only option the Windows 10 Touchpad config dialog offers is a sensitivity drop down list. Thus, no support I guess.

Hi, I copied your solution and indeed the middle button allows scrolling. Software Setup On my Ts I run a dual boot between Windows 8 and Arch Linux, both of these needed to be configured to work with the new touchpad. How about in the middle? Thanks for your replies in advance.

– ALPS SS5 (SS4 v2) trackpoint too fast / jumpy because of readout “hole” in the center

Cameron, thanks for this. Comment 21 Martin Wilck However, hrackpoint, even after the correction and them bringing back the physical buttons i cannot believe the incredible lack of understanding about ergonomics. The driver can be downloaded here: One of them uses Synaptics touchpad, while the other uses Alps touchpad. Did anyone else also traclpoint this behaviour? Attachments results with different scaling approaches My solution above still works now using the driver for Ts version After this you will start using the default Windows drivers in which all buttons work but you cannot use the middle button scrolling.


Maybe once I upgrade to windows 8.

A pointing stick can be used by pushing with the fingers in the general direction the user wants the cursor to move. No way to block installation of that specific driver.

Install the driver again then run this tool to prevent future updates by Windows: Can you give this a test please, thanks.

The individual cases are: At first when I booted I was worried; the left button would scroll up and the right button would scroll down, this is of course not what is meant to happen.

The technology for this combined pointing device comes from Synaptics.