Regarding game performance we had a closer look at current games like, e. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. The outside of the lid, the palm rests, and the area directly below the LCD are of a silky smooth yet durable slate gray. But, also the pre-installed Windows XP Professional contributes to the good performance, because it is still better than Windows Vista in terms of performance. Further information about the case of the series by HP are available in the review of the p. Furthermore, due to the business-like design there is not doubt that the HP w is actually designed for professional 3D and CAD.

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Furthermore, a number of security features were implemented. Also the sound of the speakers was convincing.

HP 450583-001 8710w 17″ Laptop LCD Display Assembly

So, details like letters are bigger. Many thanks to the company Planet Notebookwho kindly provided us with the reviewed notebook. We intentionally show more ads when an dlsplay is used.

Everything on the machine is there for a reason. This is about the maximum runtime energy saving mode, WLAN off, minimum display brightness.

8710q If you use this laptop at the desk, you’ll hardly notice that it gets warmer than comfortable. The w is not a flashy machine and nor should it be. Despite a matte surface, which would in general support using the notebook outdoors, the moderate brightness makes operating the notebook outdoors a little bit cumbersome.


HP Compaq 8710w

Design and shape are oriented on the function. But, also the pre-installed Windows XP Professional contributes to the good performance, because it is still better than Windows Vista in terms of performance. Alike the p, the w’s design is business-like Although a part of the hard disk capacity is occupied by a recovery partition, a gross capacity of GB is quite a lot.

HP homepage Compaq w Series.

This is the highest resolution currently in use. The keyboard has a clear layout which groups similar keys and separates the groups a little bit from each other. Despite the main place of operation of this desktop replacement notebook is very likely the desktop, the case’s robustness is convincing. The hot keys realized by 87110w touch sensitive bar above the display attracted our attention. Vertically, the area of operation is just sufficient, but outside it the picture darkens respectively whitens.

HP is not present in the smartphone sector as of However, the bottom side of the HP w comapq different. The maximum brightness was After a split, the computer range was renamed to HP Inc.

So, also the display of the w is matte. But, as long as the notebook is operated on a hard surface and one is, therefore, not exposed to the temperatures on the bottom side for a longer time, this should not be a problem.


The hard disks transfer rates are above-average and the access times low. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used.

Here you can configure and also buy this notebook. Although the chassis is quite thin, it hardly moves 8710s twisted. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. So, the illumination is However, 4GB modules are not available yet and the notebook has only 2 RAM slots, so, you still need to be a little bit patient.

The HP Compaq w has the business look typical for HPthat disp,ay black case and robust blue-grey lid and blue-grey palm rest areas.

HP Compaq w 17″ Laptop LCD Screen | eBay

In addition, also a track point is available, but, due to its form, the blue plastic stick could not convince in practice. The w is constructed out of durable plastic with an inner shell of magnesium.

Due to a very low black value of 0.