October 18, at 2: Recomment them if you do not use Compiz Fusion: Works with TwinView , other methods untested. No, create an account now. March 3, at 4:

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I appreciate your assistance. March 13, at 9: Results fouchpad to 7 of 7. Just received my XPS M system with the works. Get the package from here or here.

Windows 8 On Dell XPS M (Download All Drivers) 64 Bit

It might not come back from this state. The usability of the touchpad is a dealbreaker. It’s available for 2. To bring the cursor from the left end of the screen to the right, I did swipe my finger 5 times x screen res. Yes allps touch buttons are working with quickset including WiFi catcher button at right side of the laptop.

It’s too bad he neglected to mention what else to do after installing it m150 rebooting. I’ve updated the BIOS, fiddled around with the settings and tried many driver versions. It’s not the same as a Synaptics, but if I had never used another touchpad I’d never know.


To change touchpad’s settings in HAL you have to create new. Everyone do the same and download it … its worked for me. You can download new A12 Bios. I found out from Dell that you can use envy to install the latest and greatest closed source Nvidia drivers.

You may then continue to edit menu. For anything like games or stuff like that I gotta plug in a mouse anyway. On Ubuntu install this script with the following commands: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If so, what is the process to install the driver 8 or 7 in Windows 8.

The only thing I was required to uninstall was touchpa Alps touchpad. Posted 27 October – Could you please reupload the Bluetooth one? If I can’t find a Winows 8 touchpad driver, is it possible to locate a Windows 7 driver and use it.

Add “Digital” and “Digital Input Source” to the list of visible tracks.

Dell Touchpad Alps! Can’t find driver. Help[

August 22, at Do you already have an account? I saw that there were 5 updates to be finished.


Touchpad speed is lame Ubuntu 8. Yes it is working!!

Using psaux and auto-dev was the key. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Before I do though, I want to ask if anyone here has had similar issues and perhaps any success in dealing with them.

I have looked everywhere and can’t seem to find a Dell or Alps Windows 8 driver. If your problems are that bad you might need a replacement.