LCDs are great for CAD and most other applications but they just don’t cut it for serious video work. CD-ROM drive for software installation. Depending on the software you can do editing, transitions, and effects, lay in audio tracks, and create an EDL edit decision list. The manual is detailed and thorough in most cases but was a little too sketchy in other spots. In all cases the RT performed like a professional. The graphics board usually comes into play during editing and displaying transition effects but is cut out of the loop during capture. You can do your own RAID configuration and save a few dollars but keep in mind that striping across partitions on the same drive doesn’t really buy you any speed.

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But the bottom line is: LE software, threw together a quick DVD title with menu buttons linking the clip, and ran the emulator. If the drive has a 2MB buffer and you’re trying to capture a multi-gigabyte file that buffer isn’t going to do you much good. When I clicked on rewind the camcorder dutifully began rewinding.

WindowsME, and AMD engineers are currently investigating the issue. You may even find that a properly calibrated monitor looks ‘funny’ or too dark. You’ll quickly run out of storage space when dealing with video – even with a lot of video compression.

Pinnacle DV500 PLUS Video Capture Board and Editing Software Review

A fine group of software products comes piggy-backed onto DV PLUS, enhancing the product and offering a wide range of output options. The software bundle I was using the HP Platinum version was very strong in all areas and included professional or at least prosumer level packages.

I also did a series of hand-held shots of different fabric patterns such as herringbone, checkers of different sizes, bright red stripes against white strips, fur, hair, and all sorts of patterns that are difficult for the camcorder, the capture system, and the CODECs to handle. The software bundle is the low point, geared more for the casual consumer who wants to capture birthday videos, but it does that fairly well.


It was assumed originally to have been the FAT limitation but it has been possible to format a drive to use larger than 2GB partitions but the AVI stream wrapper has not changed.

Other Peripherals As far as other peripherals go, I’ve found that a CD burner or external Jaz drive can be very handy for moving and storing video files as long as they don’t conflict with the capture system.

All in all it was a pretty horrible video to watch but provided me with a fairly extreme test source. In the case of DV capture systems many times it’s the software bundle that makes the difference.

Pinnacle DV PLUS Video Capture Board and Editing Software Review – Videomaker

When possible, I tried to test all four capture systems in both PCs but ran into one or two problems that I’ll get to later. But installing the system on the Micron was also a snap so I’d have to give ADS high marks in this area.

Problem handling was fair. I did notice some over-saturation of colors in some scenes and that red-and-white striped fabric blossomed like a road flare for an instant but the settings page will let you adjust color, tint, saturation, contrast and brightness so I’m sure that with a little tweaking I could improve overall image quality.

Overall, I would rate this package at a strong 4 out of 5. It boqrd be noted that we used a test machine that had nothing but system software loaded onto it prior to the DV PLUS installation. Unfortunately, this chipset is used on most Pentium IV motherboards.

Monitors A good monitor is a must when working with video and I strongly recommend getting and using a video calibration program such as Displaymate Video Edition from Sonera Technologies.

Pinnacle DV control panel – output settings.


ATA or ATA on the motherboard is preferable to using separate controllers, but SCSI on the motherboard can cause problems in some systems if it is ‘hardwired’ as controller zero. Hollywood FX Copper provides a slew of 3D effects and transitions that run near real time in preset mode. Test Proceedures I evaluated each of the four systems based on six bosrd criteria: The Pinnacle DV Plus is a board, breakout box, and software bundle that begins to approach serious prosumer-level capture, editing, and effects.

After scanning, the boxrd clips become poster frames in the Tape Gallery. While the required system specs seem reasonable enough on the surface it turns out that the board is very, very picky about what motherboard you have, what chipset the motherboard has, what features in the bios are enabled or disabled, the PCI bus performance, which IRQ it gets 9,10, or 11what slot it’s in one or two away from the AGP slotwhat graphics card you have, what software you may or may not have had installed on your system before you start the installation, what drive you install Premier on, what order you install things in, and on and on.

Why do we watch movies in widescreen?

However, the manual does go into great detail about all the steps in the installation process so if you follow the instructions carefully you shouldn’t have any problems. I shot ddv500 with poor lighting and outdoors with quick pans from bright sunlight baord dark shadows. The bad news first. It all worked like a charm. As far as I know, virtually every capture system comes with some bundled software that will at least allow you to capture video.