Activate the source at the desired wavelength. Thresholds are often supplied by system manufacturers and depend on the system deployed. However, it contains sensitive electronic and optical components, and should be handled carefully and stored in its carrying case when not in use. Page 3 Contents Certification Information Tuimeldroer droer Whirlpool en wasmajien R

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Push the connector in so that the fiber-optic cable is firmly in place, thus ensuring adequate contact. Avoid contact between the tip tpm-600 the bottle and the wiping cloth, and dry the surface quickly. You must set a reference value separately for each wavelength.

Pull out the old b battery using your fingers. Match the source and power meter wavelengths: The unit takes very long to turn on. Press to access the first submenu, then press until you reach the PREF menu. EXFO warrants this equipment against defects in material and workmanship for a period of three years from the date of original shipment. When fiber ID is displayed, hold down both and for a few seconds. Getting Started Activating the Backlight Activating the Backlight When operating the unit in the dark, use the backlight to make data on the display more visible.


EXFO Fpm-600 Power Meter Fiber Optic Link & Optical System Handheld FPM 600 602x

I’ve used it throughout the southern pa The price of the device is low as it needs some repair work. R20 OR Troubleshooting Transportation Transportation Maintain a temperature range within specifications when transporting the unit. Ecfo normal operating mode, hold down for a few seconds.

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Clean the ferrule in the connector port as follows: For Sale By Owner. Value with Signal on page Page 65 Troubleshooting Transportation Transportation Maintain a temperature range within specifications when transporting the unit.

To send any equipment for service or repair: To perform power or loss measurements: Avoid contact between the tip fpk-600 the bottle and the cleaning tip, and do not use bottles that distribute too much alcohol at a time.

EXFO FPM Power Meter : Owner’s manual

Nulling is not performed. Demo unit for sale.

Deposit one drop of isopropyl alcohol on a lint-free wiping cloth. Gently wipe the connector and ferrule.


You will save and recall this data according to cable names and fiber numbers. Repeat the procedure for each wavelength you want to reference if you use auto-switching mode, the power meter automatically references wavelengths one at a time. Optical Loss T est Set.

EXFO FPM Power Meter – Comtec Direct

It is quite easy to install. Check and clean your fibers appropriately for optimum performance see Cleaning and Connecting Optical Fibers on page Edit the correction factor as follows: It includes Africa maps with lifetime updates. Designed for daily home, healthcare and clinics. Compatible sources such as FOT and FLS can transmit a power value to your power meter, avoiding the need for manual referencing.

The charge status is shown on the unit display lower left corner.