Help Contact Us Go to top. Last edited by lejuames ; , As I stated previously, there is no need at all to have firewire speeds associated with midi connections Hi rasoo,thanks for you reply. I always thought it did You should be fine.

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Hey its up to you if you want to spend more on a midi-usb device, I am just passing on my findings. I don’t have the Behringer unit, I was thinking of getting one.

I hope to link this up with vidta roland TD8 module but im unsure if this is possible due module not having firewire ports. And if you did it would be an exercise in overkill. Measured latency is 7.

Hi rasoo,thanks for you reply. As a dedicated driver is required,seems like i have bought myself a paper weight. There are separate folders to differentiate the 2. I always thought it did I got mine yesterday DO NOT use a symbol of any kind in your username.

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The reason you run an external sound device is to take the load off the processor and to lower the latency the time it takes to hear a sound after you strike the drum head The ASIO drivers allow the soundcard to do all the processing work and let the PC processor do the job of retrieving the sound files to send to it.


The diagram would be something like: Help Contact Us Go to vissta. I have one of these fca20 in china’ cables but yet to try as i presumed it would not work properly. I mean I am running 32 bit drivers on my Vista64 version with no problem.

I was hoping maybe a general asio driver like asio4all would suffice but apparently this also has compatibilty problems. You will not find a midi to firewire cable as no one would make one. Fcx202recieved Behringer FCA F-Control Firewire Audio Interface looks like there all unresolved compatibility problems with this interface when running in 64 bit computer.

Behringer FCA202 Free Driver Download

It speeds things up quite a bit. Obviously you would choose the FCA as the default sound device or disable the internal PC sound so it automatically uses the outboard soundcard. Does Vista 64 and 7 64 not have a condition set where you can run the program in 32bit mode? Behringer fxa202 of yet not offered a 64 bit driver which basically makes it redundant. Hi rasoo, thanks for your informative reply,so you are telling me that it is possible for me to run direct from my module midi out to usb port of my laptop using a cheap cable.


behringer fca windows 7 driver Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

The standard USB 1. I am no PC geek either, just load visa and it works. But I can tell you they do work well Search in titles only Search in Technical only Search. No problem, don’t forget too that most 32bit driver work peachy under a 64bit OS.

Last edited by rasoo ; I know with Vista 64 that I am running it automatically assigns resources to cope with 32 and 64 applications. Any ideas on how to approach these concerns would be much appreciated. Measured latency was 6. Also my laptop which will be running addictive drums with DAW reaper has windows 7 64 bit. Alesis state that in the Trigger IO documentation.