Support Renewal for FlexMaster , 3 Year. With a simple click of the mouse, the operator has the flexibility to perform bulk firmware upgrades on all of the remaining units in the firmware, or schedule upgrades for a specific time. FlexMaster is a software product. When I need to manage more devices, do I need to buy a new FlexMaster package? In the case that the communication between FlexMaster and the managed devices is interrupted, all data traffic continues without discontinuity. FlexMaster uses industry standard protocol TR to communicate with the managed devices.

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This allows end customers to remotely view, securely control, easily manage and automatically configure only their network infrastructure and assets. These group names become available from the Dashboard and when you need to perform firmware upgrades, configuration changes, etc. Managed MediaFlex and ZoneFlex devices can be grouped by geographic region, device type, serial number, MAC address range, or client’s name.

FlexMaster – UC Wireless

How do I know if there is a firmware upgrade glexmaster for my CPEs? FlexMaster license upgrade from supporting 25 to supporting up to AP’s. Network administrators can easily navigate to any device and drill down for more detailed information.

Advanced reporting The ZoneDirector interacts with existing network and security infrastructure and provides dynamic RF management across APs to eliminate AP placement ponit. Support for FlexMaster License Upgrade. FlexMaster allows administrators to view flexmazter environments, bulk configure and manage groups of devices, securely monitor and manage Wi-Fi services.


T Series Access Point. Support Renewal for FlexMaster3 Year. FlexMaster should be reachable via a browser from anywhere on the Internet. Easy to install and use, FlexMaster reduces the total cost of ownership by automatically discovering the deployed devices in your network, eliminating the need for tedious remote configuration, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

It provides a unique collection of automated and customized facilities not found in other management platforms such as an vlexmaster and customized super dashboard, trending reports and customized graphs, detailed client data for planning and troubleshooting and comprehensive events management.

Support Renewal for FlexMaster5 Year.

Ruckus ZoneDirector Controllers

Can I run FlexMaster on a Windows machine? It is highly recommended that you backup the underlying MySQL database from time to time. Is FlexMaster sitting on the data path? Ideal for carriers, multi-service operators, and broadband providers looking to monetize Wi-Fi services, FlexMaster offers tiered administration, making it the perfect platform for offering managed WLAN service or cloud-based WLAN management services. Does FlexMaster provide real-time configuration and monitoring of the managed devices?


How do Access Points perform initial registration with FlexMaster? What is the packaging format of FlexMaster? FlexMaster supports two types of login. Carrier-grade scalability Automatically discover, configuremonitor, and troubleshoot tens of thousands of remote devices. Support for FlexMaster5 Year. FlexMaster also provides the scalability expected for large scale infrastructures. With a simple click of the mouse, the operator has the flexibility to perform bulk firmware upgrades on all of the remaining units in the firmware, or schedule upgrades for a specific time.

What protocol is used between FlexMaster and the managed devices? Even if the managed devices are behind the NAT, FlexMaster will be able to communicate with these devices. The CD is shipped with simple instruction for installation on a customer supplied hardware. First of all you have to assign a tag name to each device using one of the above names.

The user then creates a configuration task to match the template to the selected devices. FlexMaster is a software product. I see a map on the Inventory page.

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