Not crazy about the minidomes. Will this be able to be viewed through the geo main system or is there another way? Only need them if your mixing 3rd party IP’s. Rory, if it’s a you still max at 16 cameras even if 4 are Ip’s. I was just about to post back to this because now I’m not so sure.

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They also go by “octopus cables” in addition to “breakouts”, “pigtails” and “dongles”, and I’m sure several other names.

If you have a 32 camera hybrid system, you can still have 8 Geo IP’s geovisjon the system without a dongle. Sign in Already have an account?

I dont see many people using them though. PM me please thanks. And the other gentlemen is correct. I did email Geo but they havent replied yet. Guess it should work out then after all, thanks again. So that makes me think it’s 16 geovisionn. The 8 camera 3rd party license is roughly bucks and comes out cheaper than GV brand IP cameras. Not crazy about the minidomes.


As for their IP offerings The dongle is the USB dongle for licensing, Thanks. On a 1 TB drive about gig usable I think.

Yes seems you can add up to 8 Geovision IP cameras for free. This is how you expect to get assistance?

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Rory, if it’s a you still max at 16 cameras even geovksion 4 are Ip’s.

The screen divisions go dong,e 16 so camera wouldnt appear to have a channel per se. Sign In Sign Up. A little more specificity and a little less condescension will get you a long way.

That is me popping another beer as this thread is going to get real donglle Want to try that one. I’m about to fill up all the analog channels on my system and I do have one IP camera. I like the clarity and you can zoom digitally forever Starting with version 8.


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Posted June 8, edited. In this case, the total number of channels for your Hybrid system is: Let’s hope geovision responds to the email Posted June 8, I’ve got a Geovision megapixel camera on my system.

I was just about to post back to this because now I’m not so sure. Is this still true?

USAVision / GeoVision Support Forum

Only need them if your mixing geoision party IP’s. Then I can tell you from experience, lol. But you can call it what you like, you are a free man. I’m quite familiar with both, thanks.