Hi Kyle — I just got back online after a few weeks of travelling. June 4, at 2: Mar 8, 3: What I’ve done so far: Seems associated with Canon Printer software. July 7, at 6:

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After removing them, my computer was back to normal. December 4, at Would I need to move the kext files back.

Mac Pro 5,1 and frequent kernel panics yo… – Apple Community

I’m up and running! Questions Must Have Adequate Information: I hackinttosh to Recovery mode, went to terminal and found a OWCdualboot. Anyway I just wanted to share my way to obtaining the desired goal. Hi Justin, Many thanks after wasting three hours trying to. October 16, at 6: April 1, at 8: Thanks a lot Justinyou really made my week.

OS X El Capitan / Sierra / High Sierra Hanging on Boot [FIXED]

September 29, at 9: July 26, at 5: Oct 10, 7: July 12, at 2: I’m getting a compilation error in Mac iASL when t[…]. April 5, at 5: December 4, at 6: Is it just hanging with the status bar or actually turning off?


Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Kernle Agreement and Privacy Policy. For now I am back on my Sierra disk, which sometimes hangs, specially when I’ve been away for a while and try to log back in. June 27, at Could that be the problem? Hope you can help thanks.

El Capitan boot error: invalid kernel opcode (bit) – AMD OS X

July 23, at Please guide me here. Thank you so much, I was already preparing for the worst.

It only began after attempting to install Click Done to continue. I can get yosemite to install now. I was able to create a new photo library by Alt-launching the app but this hasn’t solved the problem.

appletymceedriver Hi Barima, unfortunately this sounds like a different issue than I fixed in this post. If you restore the folder Apple Mail recognises this and attempts to rebuild everything, which it does successfully, except for linking the emails from All Mail to their corresponding Subfolder such as Income, Revenue, Tax etc.


The only third-party modification you appear to have installed is Air parrot. The mbp booted fine.

Where did you learn this mac wizardry?? Thu Aug 24