Laser modules are also rated or measured by how much the beam widens or spreads the further the beam gets from the laser module. Presuming this regulates the amount of output for this color? Pangolin is the way forward and will have to wait for a few more pay checks before that investment can be done. I saw that my projector takes 0 – I shall start with my early Christmas present and see where it expensively takes me, but I am sure it will be worth it in the end.

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When using lasers like this, no external hardware is in between the laser projector and control station. Joined Dec 9, Messages 2, Likes Points 0.

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The benefit of this type of DAC, is that it is built directly inside of the laser show projector, and supports all major lighting and laser protocols network, DMX, ArtNet, stand alone operation, real time clock, and ILDA — if needed.

And yes, Etherdream is a great DAC for several of the less expensive pieces of software such as Spaghetti, LSX, but, do not discount Pangolin and Quickshow just because it costs a little more. The benefit of this hardware, is that you can run a network cable to the DAC, which allows for longer cable runs. Pangolin is the way forward and will have to wait for a few more pay checks before that investment can be done.


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Just received my first laser projector with ILDA interface. And things it can do that the other software can’t. Most recently, Diode laser technology has become the standard for laser show laser modules. All usg international standard colors, are noted below. I have been lucky enough isb be given an early Christmas present from the inlaws of a Kam Laserscan Hyper 3d. Ditto what has been said about iShow. Blanking, or tuning a laser module all the way off, is used in drawing laser animations to separate image components so they are not connected by a low power line.

If you want cheapest, go with Riya Lite.

It consists of two small electronic ilds placed inside of a mount on an X and Y axis. I don’t get it, why should he return it? Ur better off with clay!

Boats, women and drugs are far cheaper things to get into. Generally people place the DAC close to the laser projector, so that the ila cable being run for the show, is a network cable feed — which can be run much farther, than traditional ILDA cable can. Another type of laser light source which is common only in very high end laser show projectors, is OPSL technology.

Noob question about ILDA to USB adapters.

Time to look at LSX. If you want best bang for the buck go with Etherdream. Reason for asking is that I may in the future may want to replace both software controlling the projector and the projector itself.


I saw that my projector takes 0 – Yag to create various lasers wavelengths colors. Mask Anything used to physically block the audience from where the laser projector will project images. When using an analog based laser projector, with good linearity, you can produce millions of different color combinations, from your laser projector.

Ilda To Usb, Ilda To Usb Suppliers and Manufacturers at

Presuming this regulates the amount of output for this color? Most clients working with DMX create their laser show content shows, beam effects, graphics, etc. And you cannot fade in and out between those colors.

The parallel port on most computers uses a DBF female connector. These motors are driven by a servo amplifier.

Part of the decision process is There are currently 3 types of DACs being used in the Entertainment Laser Industry, differentiated by how they connect to the control computer. That connector can be a small XLR pin, or it can ub a full E-stop safety system mushroom switch.

To provide a simple definition, a laser projector is any laser system which projects laser output for entertainment purposes.