Linux does take sometime to get used to, but after gaining some competency, it works great! This worked for me on a dell inspiron 15 Thank you very much Webale nyo in Luganda. Please change this in accordance with the one you downloaded from the Alsa project site. Thank you for solving this problem, but for me, the problem is half solved because if I plug in my headphones doesn’t work Candidate for Moving This article may not be appropriate for this wiki, and should be moved to the Team wiki.

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This file is here: That is what I was asking, how can I know what module is the right one to load? After removing the module and adding it again, the sound is back to normal.

You should open a file in ALSA documentation. Booting If your boot hangs on loading the module for snd-hda-intel, try disabling the card croporation your BIOS. As of Ubuntu 6.

High Definition Audio Controller vendor: Windows also has newer versions of Windows dropping support for older hardware, recent but non-current Windows versions never receiving drivers for newer hardware and so on. I have tried this with my fresh install of Ubuntu I tried running sudo alsa force-reload as suggested and here is the error I get:.


Unknown August 1, at 4: HDA Intel Kernel modules: Just wanted to leave this on controlller for anyone who might have just installed GPU drivers and are encountering this. I then booted ubuntu 7. I’ve googled this and I have found that other people are having issues: I encountered this problem or at least a variant of it after an upgrade from To do this go back to the terminal and type: You may need to right click on the volume control applet in your gnome-panel and go to the preferences and change the device to the one called Alsa Mixer.


But there is no sound coming out of either front or rear 3. I am not sure when exactly the sound stop working but it was after the upgrade to oneiric since I remember listening to music just before the upgrade.

Conexant CX Veniceusing Ubuntu 8. Volumes are all the way up and nothing is muted. The view of Windows having support for all hardware is a straight-up fantasy, kind of combining the driver support of every version from Windows 98 to present and ignoring the problems people have. Unable to load libkmod resources: Mixer doesn’t seem to work: Does anyone know why Alsa isn’t finding a card?


To enable the microphone, I had to select “Mic” and not 82801jo mic” in the option tab as first capture device.

linux – How do you get the Intel JI on-board audio to work in Ubuntu Karmic ? – Super User

In fact, the problem is that I was using too high volume levels. I have added the output of lshw lihux requested.

As pointed out by fossfreedom in the comment, the issue seems to be in the device for sound output. Anonymous December 19, at Anyway, I still need help to add proper sound device there.

Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_SND_HDA_INTEL: HD Audio PCI

Sign up using Email and Password. Playback 0 – 64 Ocntroller This is for providing answers not generalizations, consensus or sympathy. Just double checking but are you sure you typed in the right name for your soundcard driver? Mac, they simply drop support for anything older than a few years old.