Then we watched them enter our world, one solenoid at a time. Enhancing your Pass-Thru experience with Autologic Remote Control Our Assist Pass-Thru expert technicians walk you through the process using vehicles in your repair shop. This can create EMI electromagnetic interference. This application will have complete information of the ECUs that are supported by the application. Contact our DrewTech sales team via We continue to deal with the question of whether the computer needs to be programmed, reset, or replaced. Your pass-thru device software may have a toolbox that can assist you in navigating the OEM sites to make sure you access the programming you need.

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Product Types, J Pass Thru Get Yours Now at Tuner Tools

Every DrewTech J product includes a comprehensive support program called the J Toolbox 3 which offers our users the following: The connection and initialization gives the hardware tool information of which protocol that is used.

A check of the OEM paasthru information website is often a good place to start.

It is upgradeable thru firmware updates and expansion slots. Therefore any device can be used for programming any vehicle regardless of the manufacturer. First, determine passtrhu the vehicle needs to be reprogrammed. If their vehicles only use i.

J2534 FAQs

ISOno other protocols have to be supported by the application. J supports the following protocols: We stood by for years without having to worry about computers in cars.


We cringe at having to rely on the dealership or a mo bile programmer to perform whatever programming needs to take place. This pass-thru device translates messages sent from the PC into messages of the protocol being used in the vehicle ECU.

If ECU reprogramming is practiced in the dealership, then it is the responsibility of each OEM to maintain and update their own sites, and keep current calibrations available for download. A J tool will allow you to passyhru cars, grow profits by offering services previously sent to the dealership, and offer the services needed to retain customers.

Introduction to SAE J (Pass through) – Automotive Technology

Government regulations require all automakers provide a J service to everyone in the U. Our J products are the strongest in the industry. This is different from a battery charger. This is a low-cost, high-performance vehicle network interface that connect The command also includes a channel identification which will be used for all following communication. This will decrease the messages needed to be sent between the hardware tool and the PC.

Our Assist Pass-Thru expert technicians walk you through the process using vehicles in your repair shop. PassThruReadMsgs Read message s from a protocol channel. Your email address will not be published.

Getting the initial mechanics of the process can be challenging, but with practice, attention to detail, repetition, and continual reading to stay updated on procedures, it pasathru become as pasdthru as building a 4L60E. More In Delivering the Goods. Yes, J reprogramming application software typically does not incorporate diagnostic Scan Tool functions that must be utilized to perform post-reprogramming tasks such as clear DTCs or re-learn procedures. This makes it difficult for a car, bus or truck workshop to analyze and repair all kind of vehicles.


We continue to deal with the question of whether the computer needs to be programmed, reset, or replaced.

PassThru (SAE J2534)

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. All of this comes free for the life of the tool. The connection between the PC and the J hardware can freely chosen by the manufacturer of the device i.

Complete scan tool set with everything shown in the pictures. European and US legislation requires vehicle manufacturers to make vehicles, diagnostic and reprogramming applications that are compatible with J devices.

Combined the third-party diagnostic device,J and PDU programming tools which achieved the multi-purpose, multi-connected, powerful dual-mode vehicle diagnosis.

If you encounter issues during programming, never turn the ignition off: PassThruDisconnect Terminate a connection with a protocol channel. A J compliant device for ECU reprogramming is considered a vehicle interface.