The Oracle JDeveloper Suite provides developers with a single, integrated set of products to build, debug, and deploy component-based database applications for the Internet. Strong authentication; Kerberos, PKI certificates. If you want your applet to connect to a database running on a different computer, then you have the following options:. For code that runs in the database server acting as a middle tier, use the JDBC server-side Thin driver. In particular, Oracle Database 10 g release 2 Just Great March 07, – 3: Here are my results on a 9.

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Sounds good to me: We know Tom drives Hybrid: The original behavior of the APIs were: It should not increase maintenance issues at all instead of upgrading the thin jdbc drivers you would upgrade the Oracle8 client software which has the jdbc drivers in it.

Oracle JDBC Driver and URL Information

Hi Tom, great explanations – thanks. Tom Kyte from Reston VA.

It is used on the client-side with an Oracle client installation. There are three way to bind data for input: For fixed length character sets, multiply the length of the Java character data by the fixed character size in bytes and compare that to Any ocii to read links would be great. This bothered me so much — so so much, that I just had to followup again.


This feature enables routing of work requests to a database instance that offers the best performance, minimizing the need to relocate work. December 05, – 5: This sections covers the following topics:. Thanks for being a member of the AskTOM community. This feature enables you to retrieve values that are generated by the database.

I myself would much prefer to use the thin client. Java applications fit the traditional application model in the sense that they are executed from a command line and need to be installed on, or migrated to, each application host machine and then executed within that machine’s JVM using the following command line construct:. Chapter 8, “Server-Side Internal Driver”. Use signed applets, which can request socket connection privileges to other computers.

Direct bind is used for data where the byte length is less than and LOB bind for larger. Your input on this is highly appreciated.

Direct bind of bytes setBinaryStream: Does it have built in logic that determines node load and route the traffic accordingly.

It is a pure Java driver used on the client side, without an Oracle client installation. OK, so maybe it’s not a great difference. The database component of Oracle JDeveloper uses the JDBC drivers to manage the connection between the thiin running on the client and the server.


Oracle JDBC Driver and URL Information for Thin and OCI Drivers

As you can see, I’m not an expert at this, I’m just a developper that is super-annoyed at having to keep the Oracle client and drivers in sync all the time.

Post as a guest Name. Batching works, but might be a bad idea.

Feature List Table lists the features and the versions in which they were first supported for each of the three Oracle JDBC drivers: In particular, Oracle Database 10 g release 2 Direct binding is fast and batching is fine.

Just Great March 07, – 3: Accessing a remote database server from an Oracle Database instance acting as a middle tier Accessing an Oracle Database session from inside another, such as from a Java stored procedure The use of JDBC Thin driver from a client application or from inside a server does not affect the code.